EFT Couples Counseling

EFT Couples Counseling: Mending Hearts and Strengthening Bonds

When it comes to couples counseling, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the gold standard for helping partners to repair and maintain bonds with each other. Whether it serves as a lifeline for relationships in turmoil, or simply supporting couples as they continue to strengthen their connection, EFT couples counseling gets to the core of attachment patterns in developing emotional closeness and understanding in a relationship. But what is EFT, and why is it taking center stage in the world of couples counseling?

What is EFT Couples Counseling?

Founded by Dr. Sue Johnson, EFT delves deep into the emotional fabric of relationships. It is anchored in attachment theory, aiming to develop and enhance emotional bonds between partners.

Why Choose EFT Couples Counseling?

Reconnection: EFT helps couples repair breakdowns in the relationship and rediscover love, trust, and understanding

Research-Driven: With a foundation in attachment psychology and empirical science, EFT boasts a high success rate.

Emotion-Centered: Focuses on emotional experiences and responses within the relationship: the source of where either breakdown or connection occurs most frequently in our partnerships.

How Does It Work?

Relationships take active participation in order to work! It’s important to make an attempt to understand ourselves and our partners based on who we are and where we are at today, rather than place unrealistic expectations on ourselves and each other (which is a recipe for resentment and disconnection!).

An EFT Couples Counselor guides couples to recognize and break negative interaction patterns. Through education and the development of new skills couples learn their individual strengths and can engage more genuinely in open conversations and emotional exploration. Partners learn more about their own vulnerabilities and how their own histories and needs may be showing up in current dynamics with each other, which can build empathy and compassion as well as help the partnership to create change. It is a non-judgmental approach to Couples Counseling, where we can work from wherever we are today, rather than assuming that couples “should” or “shouldn’t” act certain ways.

Through EFT Couples Counseling, partners gain a better understanding not only of themselves, but also their partners, and they learn to respond to each other’s needs, forging stronger bonds. EFT Couples Counseling is a practical, real-time, solution to healing and strengthening a relationship at it’s core.

Revitalize Your Relationship

EFT is revolutionizing couples therapy, offering deeper connections and lasting bonds. If you’re seeking to rejuvenate your relationship, consider reaching out to one of our EFT Couples Counselors at Experience Therapy Group in Nashville, TN.

For more information or to schedule an EFT Couples Counseling session, we’ll help you get started. Take the first step to rekindle love and trust in your relationship today!

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