EMDR: Reimagining Trauma Therapy

In the vast arena of trauma therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is the gold standard. This groundbreaking modality has transformed lives and helped so many people find freedom from traumatic symptoms. But, what should I expect during an EMDR session? And, how can I find a trained trauma therapist in Nashville to begin?

What is EMDR?

EMDR, developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro, is a comprehensive 8 phase treatment modality that assists in the resolution of traumatic symptoms. It’s designed to ease the emotional impact linked to traumatic events. Alleviating the charge of traumatic stress in the body creates space for a more regulated and rewarding emotional life. Trauma therapy can also help us develop a more secure foundation for our relationships and recover self-confidence in our habits and decision-making.

Why Choose EMDR?

Rapid Recovery: helps you access the parts of your brain where traumatic symptoms are stored. It often delivers faster results than traditional talk therapy.

Neurological Reset: Reprocessing traumatic memories helps alleviate chronic stress or fight & flight symptoms. It allows your nervous system to heal and begin recharging more efficiently. 

Versatile Approach: It helps address a multitude of symptoms related to PTSD, phobias, attachment patterns in relationships, as well as a variety of anxiety disorders.

How Does It Work?

In an EMDR session, therapists guide clients through a structured 8-phase approach. Through guided eye movements, tapping, or bilateral sounds, bilateral stimulation reprocesses traumatic memories, reducing their emotional impact.

  1. In the beginning, you’ll start off by simply establishing a relationship with your therapist. During this time, you will share general information and discuss your symptoms.
  2. Next, you’ll begin practicing self-regulating and resourcing exercises with your therapist. These resourcing exercises are incredibly useful, not only for the remainder of the processing sessions, but also for you to take into your life to improve emotional regulation, boundary setting, and self-reflection. 
  3. After you develop resourcing skills, you will work collaboratively with your trained therapist to develop a specific timeline of therapeutically impactful events in your life.
  4. For the majority of your therapy sessions, you process through each event in your timeline with the safety and support of your therapist.
  5. After you have completed each session, you will notice changes in how you think and feel. Your EMDR therapist will help you integrate these changes into your life and can even practice walking through “future events” to help you prepare for potentially stressful experiences ahead of time.

Notice decreased activation and increased clarity as you address past memories and emotions. EMDR therapy paves the way to your healthiest and happiest present self!

Towards a Trauma-Free Tomorrow

As EMDR continues to gain momentum, its benefits become increasingly apparent. If you’re grappling with past traumas or simply hoping to process through past experiences with your therapist, EMDR offers a beacon of hope.

To learn more about EMDR or to book an EMDR therapy session, explore our list of trained EMDR therapists at Experience Therapy Group in Nashville, TN. Step into a lighter and more peaceful way of being, we’ll help you get started today!

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