Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy: a creative path to healing

Expressive Arts Therapy offers a unique blend of creativity, self-reflection, and deep healing. Serving as a bridge between the thinking mind and the feeling body, this approach allows participants to identify new perspectives and gain awareness of more aspects of themselves. But how does Expressive Arts Therapy come to life in the therapy office?

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

It’s a therapeutic approach that employs various creative and artistic modalities, from visual arts to music, movement, drama, and creative writing.

Here are a couple of the biggest misconceptions about Expressive Arts Therapy:

  • False: During sessions, you’re simply painting, coloring or doing artwork with your therapist.
  • True: Your therapist will guide you through therapeutically-designed activities that are specifically tailored to helping you work towards your treatment goals.
  • False: This type of therapy is for “creative” or “artistic” people.
  • True: It is a tool that anyone can utilize for the purpose of therapeutic processing and self-reflection and is not intended as a method of making artwork.

Through structured support and a variety of mediums of expression, Expressive Arts Therapy helps you to uncover patterns, identify new perspectives, process difficult emotions, and access deep healing.

Why Choose Expressive Arts Therapy?

Beyond Words: Offers a refreshing new way to convey feelings and depict the complex web of our life that goes beyond the limitations of our words.

Holistic Healing: Addresses the connection between our imagination and the felt experience of emotions in the body, which both live in the region of our brain that help us internalize the insights that we arrive at in therapy.

Empowerment & Self-Confidence: E.A.T. is truly participant driven, which enhances personal insights and self-trust in a way that helps us integrate our therapy outside of the office. 

One example of Expressive Arts Therapy is Sandtray Therapy:

How Does It Work?

Guided by trained therapists, individuals are invited to immerse themselves in time tested therapeutic modalities, such as sandtray, psychodrama exercises, visual arts, creative writing and more. Through the process, emotions and insights come alive and allow for deeper reflection and internalization in your therapy sessions. 

Unleash Your Creative Spirit

Expressive Arts Therapy stands as a testament to the healing power of creativity. We are always creating and everyone is creative! Anyone can benefit from participating in expressive arts. If you are seeking a creative alternative to traditional talk therapy, this approach offers unparalleled opportunities for insight, healing and self-expression.

Dive deeper into Expressive Arts Therapy by scheduling a session today, we’ll help you get started! Let creativity be included in your toolbox for emotional wellness and living a more meaningful life.

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